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I'm a mummy to two little girls, Little P (May 2012) and Little N (June 2014), living in the Vale of Glamorgan. We also share a home with with my partner, who in a traditional manner shall henceforth be known as 'Daddy'. This is a lifestyle blog/diary of my parenting experiences. Follow me @whatmummydid_

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My Bottomless Pits!

Hi there! Me again with another slightly controversial statement. My children eat too much.

Having spoken to many of my mummy friends it is clear that my girls eat more than your average two t' three year old and 10 month old children. Considering Little N refused food until 8 months old she can sure as hell pack it away now, only 2 months later. Now don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that my boobs can finally take a break, but sustaining their mammoth diets is really tricky. It is fantastic that neither of them are fussy; Little P in particular will eat ANYTHING. Daddy and I often share a snigger as we offer up an olive or some spicy curry only to find ourselves laughing on the other sides of our faces. (Is that a thing or just something my mum used to say??)

Just before anyone thinks I'm here to brag (as I know a lot of parents struggle to get their tots to eat) I genuinely am running out of ideas. Just like every other parent, I want my children to have a healthy, balanced diet but I'm on the edge of a supply and demand crisis! I often make batches of meals for Little N but I only have a small freezer (tiny house) so I either have a freezer full of cottage pie portions or I make less so I can fit in a variety which means I'm making fresh meals most days anyway. All of this takes lots of time which in turn, very sadly, takes it's toll on the amount of time I can commit to housework...(ahem).

Yesterday was a typical day for Little N and went something like this (remember, she's only 10 months old and she's fairly small too):
  • Baby breakfast cereal (double the recommended amount for her age)
  • 1 slice of Daddy's toast, stolen (Daddy's then needs to be replenished) 
  • As still not satisfied, her own toast with peanut butter
  • Some strawberries (about 6)
Break for brief nap of 20 minutes
  • Cucumber while waiting (impatiently) for me to defrost lunch
  • Lunch of 'batch' roast chicken dinner (size large baby food storage pot)
  • Yogurt
  • Half a banana (shared with Little P)
  • Some baby crisps, usually reserved for when we are out and about (would have been a box of raisins, only I discovered we had run out - an absolute disaster to the parents of most children)
Break for brief nap of 20 minutes
  •   Dinner of broccoli, pasta and cheese sauce
  • 'Nother yogurt
I mean just her breakfast is more than most adults would have! Little P eats pretty much the same as us (+all the little snacks that Little N has). Neither of them ever seems full and I don't know where they put it. Little N is generally quite small and Little P is tall but very slim (she has abs!) Would love to know what people do to satisfy their hungry little monsters.... My cupboards are practically bare. Just call me Mrs Hubbard!


  1. I wish Luke would eat like that! But it doesn't sound like she has a terrible diet or anything and i'm sure she works all that energy off, running about etc etc! Do you want to swap? hah! Ray xx @ lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

  2. Haha - 'nother yoghurt! Sounds familiar. I can't help with your dilemma I'm afraid as I have to smile and act my heart out to get my toddler to eat and I'm just starting weaning bubba girl. Good luck with the new blog from a fellow newbie. Mummydontsay.com xx

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm am grateful on one level but considering a second mortgage on the other! All this food doesn't come cheap!!xx